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Can I play stories through my Sonos speaker?

You can listen through line-in listening and AirPlay.

Yes, there are two ways to listen to Sparkle Stories with Sonos:

  1. Line-In: If your Sonos device has a line-in, you can play Sparkle Stories by attaching a computer or mobile device to it just as you would headphones. For more information on using a line-in on Sonos, including device compatibility, see Using Line-In on Sonos on the Sonos Support website.
  2. AirPlay: If you’re listening to Sparkle Stories on an AirPlay-compatible iOS, iPad OS, or macOS device, and one or more of your Sonos devices support AirPlay (such as the Sonos One), you can use AirPlay to play Sparkle Stories audio on your Sonos system. For more information on using AirPlay with Sonos, see Using AirPlay with Sonos on the Sonos Support website.

If neither of these options is available to you either because of the features of your Sonos system or the device you are listening on, please let us know so we can prioritize the development of new features!